We are a company based in Sydney, Australia. Awaken Travels specialises in spiritual retreats as well as offering a variety of different tours around Sri Lanka, and wedding planning. At Awaken Travels our main purpose is to ensure that all customers are able to experience Sri Lanka in a way that resonates with them personally, and to assist and introduce customers to Sri Lanka’s deep and rich spiritual and cultural roots.

With this purpose in mind we have created a way in which you are able to pick and create your own customised travel package from a variety of tours that we offer including Spiritual, Cultural and Adventures. A customised travel plan is created from this, which can also include accommodation if requested and prices will be emailed to you for review and approval.

We also provide wedding planning for both outdoor and indoor weddings. We cover all wedding needs including venue, catering, dressmakers and any other wedding preferences. We can arrange weddings for traditional Sri Lankan weddings, or any wedding style of your choice.
Thank you for choosing Awaken Travels, we hope to ensure that you enjoy the beautiful country that is Sri Lanka.